3 Cold Men


Urban RMXS - CD (2005)
Piktogramm - MCD (2007)
Photogramm - CD (2008)
Decade - CD / BOX (2011) Soon!

Formed in late 1999 by Franck Lopez from the french group Opera Multi Steel, Alex Twin from Individual Industry and Maurizio Bonito from Volv Uncion, this band takes its roots among the three members' common musical tastes.

Their major influences are running from the britannic Cold-Wave down to the french and german Electro-Gothic styles from the 80's and 90's.

Their sound resources not only include analog synthesisers from 70's and 80's but also audio processings, samplings, software synthesis and acoustic instruments.

The lyrics written by Franck Lopez and Alex Twin explore subjects melting romantism and desillusion, typical symptoms Of the last century's end and from this Third Millenium's beginning.

First album released in 2004 (double cd) in Germany and Urban Rmxs in 2005 in Brazil.

The band did a European and Brazilian tour in 2006, playing at Wave Gotik Treffen 2006.

In 2007, they finished the new studio album “Photogramm” for 2008.

A Cold Decade is the name of the new sutio album will be release in 2011.
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