Beata Beatrix

The Beata Beatrix are :
Hatria - Voices and lyrics
Ricy Trix - All Guitars and Programming
Crowley - Bass, Program
ming and samples

The Beata Beatrix born in September 2000 as a direct reaction to a great passion for gothic rock, creating an intriguing blend of sounds with influences wave the 80 English, and electronic sounds of pure Teutonic style.
The music of Beata Beatrix as well as suffer the influence of the various components, taking inspiration from the Romantic period that Europe has invested in the nineteenth century, indeed the Beata Beatrix name derives from a famous painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti known exponent of the current English Pre-Raphaelite .
Hatria combined text-style decadent and romantic style with an original look at this,
the songs are either based on the figure of Elizabeth Siddal, who dreamy

on issues such as: death of his imagination, a love that never dies, death and dreams, enchanted gardens where you can leave to rest his soul, and addressing current issues such as violence on children.
The band is easily recognizable by its sound. Every new idea has potential feedback on the public and fanzines gender.

As for the most part sound the group is approached to sound close to groups such as The Mission, SwitchBlade Symphony, Bauhaus and Siouxie and The Banshees (for voice modulations).
On the other hand, the electronic Beata Beatrix are combined to groups such as: Qntal, And One and Butterfly Messiah.
From a technical standpoint, the band has used as collaborators Pascal Scarfi and Andrea Volpi, the group Kresno Vogel, who edited the remix of the song "Inside Fetish."

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