Stains of Love Cd (2014)

Cinemascope is a Greek dark/cold/synth wave band and also the brainchild of Leo Skiadas, a well known dark alternative club / radio dj and concert promoter of the Greek underground / dark alternative scene. And even though Leo is a man with an updated music taste listening and promoting a lot of various music styles when it comes to Cinemascope his love for the wave music of the 80’s is what prevails.
So, it is not a secret that Cinemascope‘s debut album Stains of Love has it’s roots at the 80’s wave bands. On tracks like Never Understand, Each Time, So Cold Inside or Sounds of Revelation you may notice some Cure, Danse Society, Depeche Mode or early 4AD references while on “Better days to Come” - a financial crisis inspired song about politicians killing all hope of a whole generation – you can hear the minimal aggressive sound of today.
One of the highlights and one of the biggest surprises on Stains of Love is the electro / wave song Five More Minutes in which the one and only Ronny Moorings of the legendary Clan of Xymox sings the lead vocals! And what a great honor for Cinemascope that is to have a guest vocalist like him on their debut album!
Stains of Love is an album that deals with desperate people. People that straggle to find the power to move on with their lives but they are always condemned to be left behind. People that want to scream but they only whisper.
Stains of Love conceived from 2009 to 2011 on Dust Room Studio and will be released on 2014 on Wave Records.

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