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Dominion, one of the original 1980s electronic music acts from the USA, has released its first new recording in 12 years: “8eeZ” - a collection that combines world-wide influences from European electronic dance music to Latin rhythms and accents to British-American vocals and lyrics. The production has layers of electronic beats with pulsing bass, guitar and synthesizer melodies under strong, dark vocals that sing of the human existential dilemma with ironic humor and melancholic emotion.


Begun in 1985 by Data-Bank-A producer Andrew Szava-Kovats, Dominion has recorded 8 albums released by 5 record labels in Belgium, Brazil, USA and Portugal.

Dominion music has also appeared on the soundtracks to the documentary movies: “Grindstone Redux” and “The Last Farm in Lowell.”

Personnel: Andrew Szava-Kovats (bass, guitar, keyboards, voice), who has also recorded music under the names: Compound, Data-Bank-A, Parade of Sinners, True Age and his own name.

Dominion music combines dark Goth lyrics and voice with EBM rhythms and melodic pop song structure. At other times, there are ambient soundscapes conjuring up visions of distant places... The lyrics maintain a strong sense of irony and humor mixed with a nihilistic world view. The music blends danceable electronic rhythms together with retro sounds of analog and digital synthesizers and guitars. The influences range from Eno to Gary Numan and Sisters of Mercy.

Over the course of almost 30 years of recording, Dominion has maintained its dark sensibility, while adding new influences and sounds to expand its textural, layered approach to song creation.


8eeZ (CD/ LTD EDITION CD + DVD) – 2013 – Wave Records, Brazil
The Vault – Collected Works (MP3 CDROM) – 2008 – True Age Records
Rescue Mission (CDr) - 2000 - True Age Records
Only the Strong Survive - 1997 - Metropolis Records, USA
Battleground (LP) - 1991 - Tragic Figures, Portugal
Lost (LP, CD) - 1990 - KK Records, Belgium
Manhunt (LP, CD) - 1989 - KK Records, Belgium
Melting the Emerald City (Cass.) - 1988 - K.O. City Studio, USA
The Oracle (Cass.) - 1986 - K.O. City Studio, USA
Where Muses Dwell (Cass.) - 1985 - K.O. City Studio, USA

Compilation Appearances:

“The Last Farm in Lowell” (Soundtrack, 2010) – True Age Records, USA
“Grindstone Redux” (Soundtrack, 2009) – True Age Records, USA
“Latex TV Oblivion” (1991) – Minus Habens Records, Italy
“Crack of a Belgian Whip” (1990) – KK Records, Belgium
“Back to the Grindstone” (1988) – K.O. City Studio, USA
“Ears to the Grindstone” (1987) – K.O. City Studio, USA

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