Florence Foster Fan Club (FFFC)

Florence Foster Fan Club (FFFC)

Everyday Theatre - CD 2009
Asymmetric - CD 2012

FFFC exists since 2005. The band started after various collaborations of DJ Yas and Zarkoff.
For several years they organised events in Croatia. This lead to first performances very soon, throughout the region (Exit festival 2006 and 2008, Ljubljana, Belgrade, Sarajevo...) along with Psyche, Orgue Electronique, Sneak Thief, Polygamy Boys, I-F, Legowelt, Catnip, Luke Eargoggle, Absolute Body Control etc.
Following numerous performances, after equipping a small studio, the band recorded their first demo in 2007.
Tracks from that demo are scheduled for release on Wave Records and Enfant Terrible.

FFFC performs using a 100% hardware setup, including drumpads, multiple synths and samplers.
The sound is influenced by early EBM, electronic wave and even some early experimental electronic music.

Both members are songwriters and singers. Lyrical themes include post industrial society criticism, alienation, effects of cybernetics and technology on humanity..

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