Individual Industry


The Box (1988-2003) -DCD (2003)
Amy - MCD (2007)
Dreams Never End - CD / BOX (2010)
Best of - CD (2011) Russian

Individual Industry begin in 1987, with Alexandre Twin. In 1990, Maurizio Bonito and Lilian Vaz enjoy the band and release the first official demo tape called “Apology”. First álbum released in Brazil and Germany in 1993 “Templum Probus”

In 1995, Maurizio Bonito and Lilian Vaz left the band. Alexandre Twin started the recordings for the new album and Danyela Gato enjoy the band on the vocals.

In 2003, Maurizio back to line up and they released the BOX set.

Next step, is release a new álbum and they released a Mini Cd “Amy” after 10 long years without a new studio release. Amy has a special singer as guest, Carine Grieg of French band Collection D´arnell Andrea and Ambrose Reynolds (Pink Industry) as producer and guest musician. The new album “Dreams Never End” was released in 2010.
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