In Auroram

In Auroram

When Daylight Fades - CD 2009


Astéria - Voice and lyrics
Ricardo Santos - music, programming, keyboards & guitar

Formed in 1999 by Ricardo Santos (the downward path, clube da miragem, excisio, von richthofen) as "Twilight Passion", the project had the intention to rescue some tribal sounds blended with electronic and ethereal textures. After the recording of "At the Moonlight" demo, the projet became a duo with the inclusion of the vocalist Astéria.

In early 2002 the band started to work with new influences, specially dark ambient and neo-folk and recorded the "sæpe et libenter nos ambulamos in umbra silvarum" demo-cd. After a hiatus the duo went back to studio in 2007 with a stronger sound and new influences to record "When The Angels Die" demo.

the band is now in studio recording their first official CD to be released in 2009 by Wave Records...

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