Lágrima Negra

Lágrima Negra

The Flower of my Loneliness
Cd / Dcd Ltd Edition



Lagrima Negra is the "one man band" project created by Davi de Graaff the warm and cold blooded brazilian/dutch songwriter, producer, singer, guitar player, dancer and dj.

After many years hidden in his far far away consciousness prison Lagrima Negra has finally raised to bring his futuristic living and musical philosophy and perhaps a meaning to life to all tormented , lost and denied earth creatures.

The name Lagrima Negra (Black tear) represents the weight of the toxins that come out from human beings during crying actions and whose attempt is to cure all negative universal emotions such as pain, fear, sadness. But as much as Lagrima Negra may be the cure it may also be the begin of the end for some, after all the balance must be preserved! "It has no compassion, it has made losses and pain. But it has compassion, it has made birth again" Life is a storm by Lagrima Negra.

As music style is concerned, Lagrima negra's influence lies mainly in Psy-Trance, Industrial/Ebm, Dirty Electro, Synth pop, Orchestrated music, Cold wave, Death/Trash/ Gothic Metal. The outcome is a pure undefined and revolutionary style of music which was meant to please a great range of mad Electronic Music lovers.

Despite of any explanations you may hear or read about "Lagrima Negra" ,you should know that it will be whatever you want it to be! You are the judge.

Made of love and madness!!!!

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Goth Clubber
The Flowers of My Loneliness

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