Enjoying The Death - CD (2007)

Mauve history beggin in 1993 when Alex Twin & Marcelo Gallo were looking for some new music project, different of their bands [ Individual Industry & Pitch Yarn of Matter].

A dark atmosphere, with elements of 80´s music, drum machine, guitar and sequenz.

Taking the special Marcelo´s vocal with darkwave style, the tracks are up to date on this days.

Mauve did just one live concert in 1994 at Columbia [São Paulo/ Brazil].

That special concert, was filmed and maybe will be released one day.

In the same year, one K-7 "Enjoying the Death" was released by Cri Du Chat Disques and sold out.

One track called "Strange Body" was released on Pitch Yarn of Matter cd in 1995 by Subtronic Records [Germany}.

The project stopped after few months, when both members start work with their main bands.

Marcelo Gallo start later, his new band NUDE, doing many live PA around Brazil and Alex Twin, playing with 3 Cold Men and Individual Industry.

In 2007, Alex found the old tape and give it for Marcelo do the Mastering.

Mauve " Enjoying the Death" Cd comes to bring us with the wonderfull work of this 2 musicians did more than 10 years ago, and will preserve the past memory.

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