Killer Speaks - CD (2008)
Midnight Sessions - CD (2011)

Nahtaivel is the new brazilian Dark-Electro band, formed by Fernando Nahtaivel.

Fernando Nahtaivel is a keyboardist which is a part of several bands of black, death and doom metal, including his band Insane Devotion. Nahtaivel already launched some work in the Brazilian EBM/Industrial scene, among them the virtual album "Opus 93" at the end of 2006.

The beginning of 2007 was marked for the first live presentation, in the brazilian traditional EBM/Industrial event, Bio Dementia, showing a vigorous Live PA, a heavy and quality EBM with live voices and synthesizers.

The band is in the process of composition and recording of his new work called "Killer Speaks", which will continue to submit the proposal for a heavy and obscure electronic music, but with great melody, technical and layered sound, and that will address the issue of extreme violence that some use to escape from the eternal servitude of man to the dogmas of society.The album will be released in 2008 by the independent record label Wave Records (Brazil).
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