Plastique Noir


Dead Pop - CD 2009 (Pisces Rec.)
Affects - CD (2011)
24 Hours Awake - CD (2015)

• Airton S. [vocal / programming]
• Márcio Mäzela [guitar / vocal]
• Danyel A. [bass / guitar and keyboard]

The city of Fortaleza is in the Northeast of Brazil. Famous by its beautiful beaches, by the joy of its people and by the sun that shines all the year, attracts legions of tourists from all over the world. But the city has another face. An obscure, dark, empty, passionate and impious face.
Plastique Noir was born and grows there, in that desolated and hostile mean. In a small room in the heart of a violent area, baptized with a name of a Second World War battle, surrounded by chimneys that spit in the gray sky the toxics of a failed industrial complex, four young guys gather since 2005 to generate post-punk music influenced by darkwave, synthpop, industrial, indie and punk rock. Bringing in the baggage the pop from the last decades, but with an eye in the future, using nostalgia as a tool and urban decadence as inspiration, getting into the existential labyrinth inside of each one of us in the start of millennium, where all the utopias are dead and chaos give us a minimum sense of reality. It´s not about engaged criticism [although it´s inevitable], but dirty poetry, that tells histories which main characters are the band mates it selves plus all that surrounds them. We talk about empty streets, whores and prostitution by the sea, addicted hedonism, old cities ruins, lovers lost in pubs and bars, bodies in morgues, day by day neurosis suffocated by carbon monoxides, the return to a past in search of a possible future, symbols of madness in the folk and pop that offers us an escape, a getaway.
Plastique Noir [in french, “black plastic”] is the bag that wraps corpses in morgues. It´s eletro-rock, darky but dancing, wraps bodies too, making them dance hypnotized. In less than three years, the band formula has conquered national repercussion, with shows in many parts of the country as Brasília, Salvador, Paraíba, São Paulo and Minas Gerais; interviews for famous magazines as BIZZ and ELEGY IBERICA [Portugal] and other important publications, journals, radios and TV shows from all over Brazil; top number 1 download group in Fiber Online, the biggest Latin America portal of e-music [more than 100,000 downloads/streaming]; elected as the second best Brazilian band in its genre by Brazilian Alternative Charts (BAC), the official parade of gothic and e-music; opening gigs for band like Montage, Ludov and The Cruxshadows [USA].
The band has grown in international pop/rock scene as well, being the unique Brazilian rock band invited for Wave Gotik Treffen 2007 [the biggest gothic/dark festival in the world] that happens year by year in Leipzig, German; received a great and elogious review by Mick Mercer, music critic and famous British journalist, known as the Gothic Pope. Their music is played constantly in European and American radios and by DJ´s all over the world as in France, Italy, England, Portugal, Mexico, Chile, Peru and many others.
Their independent releases until here, OFFERING [demo debut 2006] and Urban Requiems [promo EP 2006/2007], this last one re-released this year by Italian Net Label Ekleipsi Records and Germany Net Label AFMusic Records are both SOLD OUT! In 2009, the band released the first official album [DEAP POP] by Pisces Records with Wave Records Distribution.
In 2010, the band will release their second album by Wave Records.
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