Scarlet Leaves


Outlining States of Mind - CD (2008)
Believe - Cd Single (2013)
Deep Sad Frustration Cd digi (2014)

Why do leaves change their color in autumn?

"According to a Native American myth, spirit hunters in the heavens killed the Great Bear, the constellation, in autumn. The bear's blood, dripped on the Earth’s forests changing the leaves of the trees into red."

The myth explains the changes of the leaves in autumn, the season that the band’s name refers to.

The elements of nature and the ones of the men’s art are the main inspiration to the band, which retransmit them in deep and surrounding soundscapes that lead the listener as far as the imagination allows it.

Their music is like a great puzzle where the pieces can be emotions, words, feelings and sounds. The sensation you feel when you listen to the songs and your interpretation about the lyrics, which can change according to your state of mind, are also pieces to be inserted in this puzzle.
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